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Twitter bot

@ChessvisionAi is a bot that helps you analyze chess diagrams on Twitter.

You can find more info about it on its dedicated page.


Reply to any tweet with a chess diagram image, mention us with a keyword scan and we'll reply back with diagram analysis:

@ChessvisionAi scan

Specify turn

The bot will automatically try to guess whose turn is it to play but you can also use:

@ChessvisionAi scan white


@ChessvisionAi scan black

to specify the turn explicitly.


Tweet with chess diagram image

Scan command and response


It provides links to external analysis on both and Lichess where you can play your moves and explore the scanned position.

Engine evaluation

It uses Stockfish 14 to provide:

  • engine evaluation, e.g. White is winning +9.13 or Black has mate in 2
  • hint which piece to move
  • best engine continuation

The engine runs for at most 10 seconds which should be sufficient for almost all positions. If you ever feel you need a deeper analysis, just use the Analysis links.

It searches Games Database to finds games where the scanned position occurred. If it finds any games, it gives a link where you can explore them.

It uses our (TODO:Video Search Technology link) to find chess videos on YouTube that contain the scanned position. If it finds any matches, it finds the exact timestamps where the scanned position appears in the videos.

Try it for yourself

Jump on Twitter, follow us, and reply with @ChessvisionAi scan to our pinned post!