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Scan & Analyze chess positions from websites, books, images, and videos

💻  Scan chess diagrams in a browser
🤳  Scan chess diagrams with a phone
📖  Make chess books interactive
📺  Full power of chess YouTube videos
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Browser Extension

Scan chess diagrams in a browser

Diagram from a Website

Need hints while solving chess puzzles? Scan and see what the best move is. Open the Videos Tab and watch videos explaining the position.

Handle multiple boards

Use the Select Area scanning mode to select which board to scan.

Add videos to

In Chrome, make analysis better by adding the Videos Section there to watch videos explaining the position on the board.

eBook Reader

Unlock full power of chess eBooks

Make chess eBooks interactive

Open any PDF chess book you have and let the Reader process it. Next, double-click on any chess diagram to open it for analysis.

Award-winning app

The Reader won the Best Chess Startup 2020 award at the ChessTech2020 Conference

Perfect for teachers

Easily select diagrams from your books and create exercises for your students and export them to Lichess Study or PDF sheet.

Mobile scanner app

Scan chess diagrams on mobile

Scan prints and digital sources

Take a photo of a diagram or select a photo from your gallery. The app recognizes the position and displays it on the analysis board.

Find matching YouTube videos

The app automatically finds YouTube videos matching the scanned position and plays them from where the position occurs.

Save favorite diagrams

Save favorite scanned diagrams to your Library so you can easily access them later.

Video App

Watch chess videos like never before

Find videos matching positions in Board Explorer

Play your moves and explore YouTube videos matching positions on the board. Load PGN of your game and use the found videos to improve.

Watch Videos with real-time analysis

Watch chess videos with a synchronized analysis board, the engine, and the list of moves.

Search Videos by chess concepts

Use various filters to find matching videos. For example, you can easily find videos with exchange sacrifice in the Sicilian opening.


Analyze chess images on existing platforms

Discord Bot

Analyze chess diagrams on Discord. Easily add it to your server

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Twitter Bot

We help you analyze chess diagrams on Twitter easily!

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Reddit Bot

Analyzes chess diagrams on popular chess subreddits

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