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Pawel Kacprzak

The family has a new member and this times it's all about chess videos. Video Search

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What it does?

The app uses computer vision and machine learning to automatically analyze chess videos and detects various concepts and themes they contain so that you can search the videos by these concepts. The search results point to the exact timestamps within the videos corresponding to the search so that you can quickly watch what you want. You can search the videos by openings and variations, game phases, endgame types, the openness of the position, pawn structures, and various themes like opposite side casting, different kinds of sacrifices, connected passed pawns, etc. You can combine the filters however you want.

It was something that I've been thinking for a while and just recently was able to focus 100% on it - and I had an awesome time building it.

How many videos are there?

The current version has analyzed just over 100 videos from YouTube. If people like the idea, I plan to expand to all chess videos on YouTube and analyze new videos as soon as they are published. It's also possible to analyze videos from other sources, maybe from Twitch, or chess platforms with video courses.