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· 3 min read
Pawel Kacprzak

After the outstanding beta tests we have 3 months ago - huge thanks to all people who helped there, your are awesome, I couldn’t make it without your ideas and support! - the app is finally available. eBook Reader

I made chess eBook Reader that makes chess books interactive. Open a book, send it to analysis just the first time, once finished, double-click on any chess diagram in the book and explore it on the analysis board. More in comments from r/chess

· 4 min read
Pawel Kacprzak

We're just few days after launching and people reached me out both privately and in the comments suggesting that it'd be nice to build a bot for r/chess that can work with the app and analyze chess images posted on Reddit.

All of us love the awesome u/ChessFenBot that was doing just that, but for some reason, it hasn't been working recently. Perhaps this is why I received some many request to make working for that use case.

so from now u/chessvision-ai-bot will be pleased to serve you!