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Pawel Kacprzak

The eBook Reader is live for just over 8 months now and it's time to share how it is doing and what updates did it get over that time.

I made eBook Reader that uses AI to make chess books interactive (Part II). Open a PDF book, send it to analysis just the first time, once finished, double-click on any chess diagram in the book and explore it on the analysis board. More in comments from r/chess

How is it doing?

At the moment, we have 745 users, including titled players (I'm aware of one GM, two IMs, several NMs and FMs) and many chess teachers - I'd like to thank all of them for awesome feature suggestions, their support, and insights!

New features

Since the launch in January the app has new cool features and wanted to share them:

  • Study Creator - You can now select diagrams from books and export them directly to Lichess Studies.
  • Cloud Storage - You can now open each analyzed eBook directly from the App, like in cloud storage. Just go to My Documents page and click "Open" button near the book you want to open. It gives you access to your eBooks across all your devices.
  • Game Finder - Each time you open a diagram for analysis, the app searches for games where the position from the diagram occurred and if it finds any, then it gives you a link to these games.

  • Diagram Editor - In some rare cases, for example, if the book is of very low quality, it might happen that one of the pieces in incorrectly recognized. In such cases, you can now edit the diagram manually and save the correction

And more minor improvements.