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Pawel Kacprzak

Finally it's ready to download - it's been a rough ride but so much fun.

Chrome Extension is available to download

Download for Chrome

Launch story

Since I teased the initial idea on Reddit, it was obvious that I should launch the final extension there, so I did:

Created - a computer vision/machine learning app to analyze chess positions on any website and video in a browser

[P] Detect and Analyze Chess positions with AI from any website/video in a web browser

The feedback was good, everything was going well and then all off the sudden...

It went viral

A few hours after I posted on Reddit, a guy messaged me to let me know that he re-posted it on HackerNews and that it's getting much traction there: – Analyze chess position from websites, images or video

and indeed it the top trending post there and was getting traction. There were thousands of people visiting the website and hundreds of tweets about it - I didn't expect that but what a pleasant surprise it was!