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App Idea: make any chess eBook interactive

· One min read
Pawel Kacprzak

Several people suggested me, following my recently created, to create an app where you can upload a chess ebook (let's say pdf or another popular format) and the app recognizes the positions from the diagrams in the book.

I'm considering two ways different ways for the app:

  1. The app produces a list of all chess diagram occurring in the book with links to interactive analysis board for each such diagram. For instance, you'll get a list of links like "page 93, diagram 1" which would be linked to Lichess analysis board with the position on this diagram.

  2. The app produce a fully interactive version of an uploaded ebook where each diagram is interactive - you can make moves directly on the diagram in the book.

For the last days, I've been running experiments towards that goal and they're promising.

I asked for the general opinion about it on Reddit